On this page I will attempt to link to as many shale gas-related documents as I can find (please let me know if any of the links are broken). I've attempted to split them into a range of categories.

General Reports on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing:
Reports on potential economic impacts of shale development:
Data and information about UK geology and the onshore industry:
Reports on the impacts of shale gas development on climate change targets:
Reports on hydraulic fracturing and induced seismicity, both Preese Hall specific and more general:
Reports on shale gas development and water quality issues:
Reports on shale gas development and air quality issues:
Hydraulic fracturing and water consumption:
Shale gas and legal issues:
Case-specific reports:
Public perception of shale developments:

This page will remain "under construction" - new reports and papers will be added as they are published. Suggestions welcome, although I'm mainly aiming for peer-reviewed papers and major reports released by reputable organisations.


  1. Dear Dr. JV - just come across your site - congratulations on such a useful and informative blog. With best wishes, Paul Glover @pwjglover

  2. Hi,

    Do you have any information on the radiological issues associated with fracking. I work for a nuclear service provider and we also ahve a great deal of experience with dealing with NORM from the oil and gas industry. I manage our Waste Characterisation Service and have been looking into some of the services that we can offer the industry.


    1. It's not my speciality, so I won't go into detail. Basically, the fracking fluid can pick up small amounts of NORM during it's brief sojourn underground. The extent to which this happens depends on geological factors, but if it exceeds the various limits then it needs to be treated (much like produced water in conventional oil and gas). So far, Remsol have been doing this for Cuadrilla, so Lee Petts would be the guy to talk to - he's on twitter at
      That said, I guess you two might be in competition, but he's the most knowledgeable guy I've found on this particular topic.

  3. A belated thanks for your excellent and informative site.

  4. You could add the Scottish Governemt's "Independent Expert Scientific Panel - report on Unconventional Oil and Gas" ..background here:
    and the actual report (as a pdf file) here:

    It was released last summer (during the World Cup, so didn't get much media coverage) and then for reasons of political expiedency promptly ignored by the Scottish Government (until the 2016 Scottish Elections are over I'd guess),