Friday, 11 May 2012

5 minutes of fame in the local papers......

Those of you with longer memories will remember my 'disgusted from Tunbridge-Wells' style outburst about reports in the local papers (the Bath Chronicle and also the Wells Journal). I wrote to the papers, but after a brief acknowledgement, I heard no more from them, and assumed that my contribution had been assigned to the dustbin.

However, I was recently chatting to a friend who, apparently, must be an avid reader of the local papers, because it turns out that my letter did indeed make it into the Bath Chronicle and the Wells Journal. It seems I also went one better and made it into the Somerset Guardian. Heady times indeed. What's even more exciting is that people must have read my letter, because this person wrote a response to it, and this op-ed piece seems to 'borrow' a lot from it.

Steve Sparks, one of the world's leading volcanology experts (so famous he actually has a Wikipedia page), also wrote a similar letter, also published by the Bath Chronicle.

Anyway, it seems I had my 5 minutes of fame and yet was completely unaware at the time. Still, glad I had the chance to put my opinion out there.

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