Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Update: Map of existing UK oil and gas wells

In a previous post I discussed the 2000 or so pre-existing onshore oil and gas wells in the UK that rarely seem to get a mention when people talk about shale gas extraction despoiling our wonderful countryside. Well, in a quiet moment at work I made a map showing where they are (click to enlarge). Each red pin is an oil or gas well drilled between 1902 to the present day.

Update: I have modified the map to colour-code the wells by the date they were drillied. Pre-1949 are cyan, 1950 - 1979 are yellow, 1980 - 1999 are (light) pink, and 2000 - 2013 are (dark) purple. 

Update 2: You can download the original data from the DECC website at: 
https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/224856/Landwells22July2013.xlsx. Lat/long data is in Deg/Min/Sec.

I created .kml files to plot the data in Google earth. You can download the 4 files at:



  1. Nice map - though you are missing quite a bit of the UK! Don't want you to be accused of misleading images (again!) so maybe you should change the title to map of existing English and Welsh oil and gas wells. ;)

    1. Good point! The majority of onshore wells are in England, hence the cropping. In fact, many of them are in similar places where shale gas is likely to be found - the Weald in the south, and across the north from Lancashire through Yorkshire to Lincolnshire.

  2. Is it possible to get the data for these sites? i.e Lat Long

  3. Hi JV
    very informative map, thanks for the info.

    one additional bit of info which would be useful is the depth extraction occurs (if it is that simple) & a realist graphic showing this compared to water holding layers, instead of the MSM cartoon of the crust cross section most people see (who puts together MSM graphics on this do you think ?).

    I'm new to your site, so you may have covered this already, if so sorry for being a pest :-)

    1. Unfortunately the Excel file from the DECC website doesn't give well depths. You can get information from the IHS onshore library, which has a nifty map-based viewer available at this link: http://maps.lynxinfo.co.uk/UKOGL_LIVEV2/main.html. If you select individual wells, then some have depth info. However, I've not found a way to export depths en masse, which is somewhat frustrating.

      I'm not sure where the best place would be to find information about aquifers, sorry.

    2. This picture from Josh on bishop-hill.net is better than the MSM's in showing the scale and distance of fracking away from the water holding layers.


  4. The Onshore Geophysical Library Charity (www.ukogl.org) is working to compile tops for onshore wells. Fantastic interactive map with see wells, seismic, licences (both current and historical)

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